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Wire Rope Grab
Fall Protection Rope Grab Fall Arrester
Min. Breaking load: 150kg
Net weight:159g
Color:Any Color (Can be customized)
1 piece
10000piece / Day
US $11.60 - US $13.00 / piece

Product Description:

Introducing the JS-A8903 Fall Protection Rope Grab Fall Arrester, a reliable safety tool for secure and controlled vertical movement. Crafted from the robust A7075 material, this rope grab fall arrester ensures maximum durability and dependability. With a minimum breaking load of 150kg, it guarantees your safety during fall incidents. Weighing just 159g, it offers a lightweight and portable solution for your fall protection needs. Customize it in any color to suit your preferences and requirements. The JS-A8903 Fall Protection Rope Grab Fall Arrester is designed to provide a secure and swift response in emergency situations, giving you the confidence to tackle your tasks at heights. Elevate your fall protection measures with JS-A8903, a cutting-edge tool that prioritizes safety and reliability.