Double Action Steel Scaffold Hook
Gate size:52mm
Min. Breaking load:5000lbs/23KN
Net weight:482.7g
Meets or Exceeds:EN362-2004
1 piece
100000piece /
US $1.74 - US $2.09 / piece

A double action steel scaffold hook is a type of safety hook commonly used in the construction industry for securing scaffolding systems. It is typically made of durable steel and features a spring-loaded double action gate mechanism that ensures a secure and reliable connection between the hook and the scaffolding structure.

The double action gate mechanism is designed to prevent accidental release of the hook by requiring the user to perform two separate actions to open the gate. This helps to ensure that the hook remains securely attached to the scaffolding system at all times, even when subjected to strong winds or other external forces.

Double action steel scaffold hooks are available in a range of sizes and weight capacities to accommodate different types of scaffolding systems and loads. They are typically rated for a minimum breaking strength of 22kN (kilonewtons), which is equivalent to approximately 2.2 tons of force.

It is important to select the appropriate size and weight capacity of the scaffold hook based on the specific requirements of the job at hand, and to ensure that it is properly installed and inspected before use to help prevent accidents or injuries.