Oval screw carabiner carbon steel
Gate size:17mm
Min. Breaking load:5000lbs/25KN
Net weight:179g
Meets or Exceeds:EN362-2004
1 piece
100000piece /
US $0.72 - US $0.86 / piece

Product Description:

JS-1011 model climbing hook is made of cold formed steel and heat treated with zinc, ensuring its strength and durability. With a minimum breaking load of 5000lbs/25kN, it is a reliable and secure choice for climbers.

This climbing hook features a rotating nut lock gate, which allows for quick and easy locking and unlocking. Its net weight is only 179g, making it lightweight and easy to carry on climbs.

The JS-1011 has been rigorously tested and meets or exceeds the EN362-2004 safety standard, ensuring its reliability and safety in use.

This product has a black finish and a minimum order quantity of 2000PCS. The black floor price adds an extra level of class to the product